Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is GPS tracking?
    GPS tracking refers to the use of satellite positioning technology to accurately determine and monitor the location of vehicles, assets, or individuals in real-time. It involves the use of GPS devices or trackers that receive signals from satellites orbiting the Earth to calculate and transmit precise location coordinates. These coordinates are then collected and displayed using software, allowing users to track and monitor the movement of their vehicles or assets remotely.

    BlackOwl trackers utilise the following satellite constellations to obtain location information: GPS (USA), GLONASS (Russia) and Galileo (Europe). Due to ongoing privacy concerns, we no longer configure our trackers to connect to China's BeiDou satellite network.
  • Why should I use GPS tracking for my vehicles/assets?
    GPS tracking offers numerous benefits for vehicle and asset owners. It provides real-time visibility, allowing you to monitor the location, speed, and movement patterns of your vehicles or assets remotely. This can help enhance security and reduce the risk of theft, improve operational efficiency by optimising routes and reducing idle time, enable better fleet management through monitoring driver behavior and vehicle performance, and provide valuable data for analysis and decision-making. GPS tracking also allows for quick recovery in case of theft or loss.

  • Is GPS tracking legal?
    Yes, GPS tracking is legal when used in compliance with applicable laws and regulations. However, it is important to familiarise yourself with the specific legal requirements governing GPS tracking in your jurisdiction. View Australian legislation for surveillance devices here. Generally, GPS tracking is legal when used for personal vehicles, commercial fleets, or company-owned assets. However, it may be subject to limitations on privacy concerns, such as obtaining consent from drivers or employees if they are being tracked. Always check local laws and regulations regarding GPS tracking if you are unsure.

  • Can I track my vehicles/assets in real time?
    Yes, BlackOwl GPS tracking systems allow you to track your vehicles or assets in real-time. Our Hardwired and OBD2 trackers provide location updates every 15 seconds when they are in motion, as well as periodic stationary updates, allowing you to monitor their movement, speed, and status continuously. You can access this information via our mobile app or browser-based platform, enabling you to make informed decisions, improve operational efficiency, and respond quickly to any changes or incidents that may occur.

  • How accurate is GPS tracking?
    GPS tracking is generally highly accurate, providing location information with precision down to a few metres. However, it's worth noting that certain factors such as signal obstruction from buildings, tunnels, or dense foliage, can affect accuracy to some extent. Overall, GPS tracking technology has advanced significantly and offers reliable and precise location data for effective monitoring and tracking.

    BlackOwl's range of GPS trackers (manufactured by Teltonika) all feature high gain internal antennas with sensitivity of -165dBm. The sensitivity of a GPS receiver is crucial because it determines its ability to acquire and maintain a GPS fix, especially in challenging environments such as urban areas with tall buildings or dense foliage. A more sensitive GPS receiver can better handle weak or obstructed signals, providing better accuracy and performance in such situations.

  • I have multiple vehicles that require GPS tracking, can you offer a discount?
    Yes! We can offer discounts on tracking hardware. Please note we are unable to offer discounts on subscriptions beyond the 10% annual discount. Speak to us today on 0404 188 404 and let's do a deal!