Boat GPS Tracking

Over $11 million of boats are stolen each year across Australia. Many of these vessels are never recovered and are sold interstate to unsuspecting buyers.

Our boat GPS trackers are designed to work out of sight behind your boat's interior trim, making them very difficult to locate.

BlackOwl Long Life Battery Powered GPS Tracker - BlackOwl GPS

Long Life Battery Powered Boat GPS Tracker

  • 3 housing options to choose from
  • Weather and impact resistant IP68/IK06-IK07 housings available
  • Compact, perfect for mounting behind your boat's interior trim
  • Tracking updates every 3 minutes when moving (configurable)
  • Powered by off-the-shelf AAA or AA lithium batteries
  • Impressive battery life from 1.4 to 10 years
  • 4G coverage + offline tracking*
  • 365 days detailed GPS tracking history

From $229 inc. GST

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  • BlackOwl Long Life Battery Powered GPS Tracker - BlackOwl GPS

    Standard housing

    Highly discreet

    Snap housing for easy access
    Only 75 x 45 x 25 mm
    Not IP/IK rated

    $229 inc. GST

  • BlackOwl Long Life Battery Powered GPS Tracker - BlackOwl GPS

    Rugged (Small)

    84.2 x 62.5 x 23.6mm

    Mounts using screws, bolts or zip ties

    IP68 / IK06 rated

    $249 inc. GST

  • BlackOwl Long Life Battery Powered GPS Tracker - BlackOwl GPS

    Rugged (Large)

    108 x 85.7 x 30.3mm

    Powered by 3x AA lithium batteries for extended life

    IP68 / IK07 rated

    $279 inc. GST

Modern. Intuitive. Feature-packed.

  • Track your boat on any device with our easy-to-use software
  • Android & iOS mobile apps
  • Fully featured browser-based tracking platform
  • Receive important alerts via push notification, SMS or email
  • View up to 1 year of detailed GPS tracking history
  • Create unlimited geofences for your boat and custom POI
  • Integrated Google Maps® with Live Traffic and Satellite/Hybrid layers
  • Secure, Australian-based server
  • Regularly updated for peak performance

Affordable quality for everyone

BlackOwl makes it easy and affordable to track your boat:

  • No need to purchase a SIM and manage credit/data usage
  • Only $0.50/day to track
  • Billed monthly via card or direct debit ($15.00)
  • Pay annually, save 10%!
  • Fitting your boat with a GPS tracker may reduce your insurance premium (ask your insurance provider)

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*It's important to remember real time tracking may stop if your boat is too far from a network coverage area. Although our boat tracker will continue to log GPS data out at sea, it will only be able to upload it to our server when cellular network coverage resumes. Nearly all GPS trackers on the market work in a similar way, utilising cellular networks for data transmission in order to keep operating costs low. Dedicated GPS systems (such as Iridium) can provide tracking updates globally, however they are significantly more expensive to purchase and operate.