Truck GPS Trackers

Truck Fleet GPS Tracking Australia
If you manage a truck fleet, you understand how important it is to keep track of your vehicles. After all, trucks are a major investment, and you need to know where they are at all times. That's where GPS tracking comes in. GPS tracking systems allow you to see the location of your trucks in real-time, which can help you to dispatch them more efficiently.

In addition, GPS tracking can also help you to monitor driver behavior such as acceleration, braking, cornering, speed and idling. By understanding how your drivers are using your trucks, you can make changes to improve efficiency and reduce wear and tear on your vehicles. In today's competitive marketplace, GPS tracking is an essential tool for any company that relies on a fleet of trucks.

Read more on the benefits of truck GPS tracking below:

  • Flexible hardware options
    BlackOwl GPS Fleet Tracking Range
    With 3 different GPS tracking models to choose from, you'll be able to track all your company vehicles as well as unpowered assets such as trailers. Select from our hardwired trackers which work out of sight underneath truck dashboards, OBD II plug and play for an installation free setup, and portable magnetic GPS trackers with rechargeable batteries for unpowered assets or fleet vehicles which don't move often.

  • Driver behaviour & increased safety
    Truck GPS Tracking Driving Behaviour Alerts
    Being able to monitor driving behaviour across your fleet not only improves driver safety, it can lead to fuel savings and more efficient deliveries.

    Receive alerts for harsh acceleration, braking, cornering as well as crash detection with our optional Driver Behaviour feature. Adding individual power and weight parameters for each truck in your fleet can further increase the accuracy of alerts.

    This information can be used to coach drivers and improve route planning.

  • Your entire fleet in front of your eyes
    Fleet GPS Tracking Platform for Trucks
    With our easy to use mobile app and powerful browser based tracking platform, you can monitor your entire fleet on one screen. Make informed decisions by viewing truck speed, ignition status and GPS location all in real time.

    View tracking history from any truck in your fleet in seconds, or generate a customised report and have it emailed on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.
    What about odometer readings, service and maintenance reminders? Sure!

    Our feature-packed online tracking platform makes your fleet monitoring job easy. Speak with us today on 0404 188 404 to see how we can help with your fleet of trucks, vans or cars.