GPS Tracking for Rental Cars

Fleet of Rental Cars
Rental car GPS tracking helps fleet managers to easily keep tabs on their vehicles. GPS tracking devices are installed in each rental car, allowing the manager to see the current location of their vehicles in real time.

In addition to providing live location updates, GPS tracking software can be used to create "geofences". This means that if a rental car leaves a specified area, the fleet manager will be notified immediately. Geofencing is used to protect rental cars from being taken in or out of authorized zones, such as state borders or off-road, or to send an early alert to track vehicles that have been stolen from a depot during the night.

An example of a state border geofence around South Australia. If a vehicle leaves the state, an alert will be sent. Geofences can be any size, large or small.

Service and maintenance reminders can also be created for each rental vehicle, along with automatic report generation for record keeping and compliance purposes.

For rental companies, fitting GPS tracking systems to their cars may also help reduce insurance premiums as they can reduce an insurance company's exposure in the event of a theft or accident while on hire. Some commercial insurance companies may also provide a discount for fitting GPS systems to rental fleets, which helps offset operating costs.

BlackOwl GPS provides multiple tracking solutions for rental fleets. From easy to use plug and play trackers to discreet hardwired GPS systems, we have high quality, affordable tracking solutions to make monitoring your fleet easy.

GPS tracking is an essential tool for managing a rental car fleet effectively. Speak to the team at BlackOwl GPS on 0404 188 404 to discuss your rental vehicle GPS tracking requirements.


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