Geofencing - What Is It and How Does It Benefit Fleet Tracking?

What Is Geofencing?

Geofencing is a commonly used feature in GPS tracking software. This clever feature allows you to create a virtual boundary, sending an alert when vehicles enter or leave a specified area. This is especially useful for Fleet Tracking as business owner’s are able to keep track of their employees & fleet vehicles with ease, day or night!

The Benefits of Setting Up Geofencing For Fleet Tracking

For example, a mobile crane company wants to be notified when vehicles in their fleet arrive and depart from the depot each day. The fleet manager will simply log into the tracking platform, create a geofence around the depot on the map and then create their desired alerts (push notifications, email or SMS).

Adding a geofence around a depot also allows for additional security outside business hours - if a company vehicle is stolen overnight, multiple company contacts can be instantly notified of the theft.
Worksite GPS Geofence Example
An example of a geofence set up around a worksite

Geofences could also be created around worksites so companies know when their employees are commencing or finishing work. This geofencing information can be reviewed on the tracking platform and is especially useful for timesheets.

Hire Cars and Geofences

GPS Geofence Example - SA State Border
Another common use of geofencing is setting boundaries for hire cars.
In the image above, a hire company would be notified if any of their vehicles leave the state of South Australia.

Schedule Geofence Alerts & Customise Notifications

BlackOwl's easy to use geofencing feature allows clients to create unlimited geofences and create customised alerts for use with all our trackers.
Note: there are NO additional charges for geofence alerts with our GPS tracking service

Below is a screenshot of our scheduled alert screen (desktop):
BlackOwl GPS Scheduled Alerts

Alerts for geofences can also be sent via:
- push notifications (mobile app and browser-based)
- email

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