Our GPS Tracking Prices Explained

Here at BlackOwl we make things easy:

  • A once off purchase for your vehicle tracking hardware: $199-$249
  • A low price of only $0.50/day to operate your GPS tracker
    (billed $15/mo to your preferred card)
    This covers everything - nothing else to pay.

  • All our GPS trackers come with pre-installed Telstra SIM cards managed by us so you can focus on more important things
  • No contracts


One of the most common questions we get is "Why are there operating costs?".

Operating costs are necessary to:

  • cover the cost of transmitting your tracker's GPS data across networks to our tracking platform
  • cover the cost of SMS/email alerts
  • keep our tracking services online and operational
  • provide frequent security updates
  • provide integrated Google Maps into our tracking platform and mobile apps
  • provide new and improved tracking features

There are some trackers on the market which are advertised with "no ongoing fees/no operating costs" or "free tracking platform/free platform access". Be mindful, you will still have to pay to use these trackers as they require a SIM card to operate. You're still paying operating costs, except they're in the form of pre-paid credit. There may also be other risks associated with these "free" services, such as unencrypted tracking platforms and unauthorised distribution of your personal/tracking data.


    If you have any other questions regarding operating costs or would like to further discuss your GPS tracking requirements, feel free to give us a call on 0404 188 404, email us at info@blackowlgps.com.au, or have a chat to us using the tab in the bottom corner of your screen.



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