Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does GPS tracking for my vehicle cost?
    Our vehicle tracking hardware ranges from $150-$190, a once off cost.
    $0.50/day covers all GPS tracking data, 24/7. There is nothing else to pay and no contracts. This is billed to your preferred card each month ($15.00).
    You can can read more about operating costs here.

  • What types of vehicles can I track?
    We have a range of GPS tracking systems to suit any vehicle, new and old. Our trackers can also be used to monitor locations of assets, such as work equipment or storage containers.

    Want to discuss your individual GPS tracker requirements? Give us a call now on 0404 188 404 and let's have a chat!

  • Why do your GPS trackers use 4G cellular networks?
    Nearly all vehicle tracking systems transmit GPS location data over cellular networks. This clever use of technology dramatically reduces hardware and operating costs, making GPS tracking affordable for both private and commercial clients.

    In the event your tracker leaves a network coverage area, GPS location points are stored using its internal memory. When network coverage resumes, this data will be uploaded to our tracking platform.

    All BlackOwl GPS trackers transmit location data using Telstra's 4G & 3G networks to ensure maximum real time tracking coverage.

  • How much tracking history is saved? Can I view it anytime?
    Our secure, Australian based server stores up to 1 year of detailed GPS tracking history for every vehicle in your fleet.

    And yes! All vehicle location history is easily accessible at anytime in your account.

  • What is a geofence?
    A geofence is a virtual boundary that triggers an alert when a vehicle enters or leaves a specified area. Our feature-packed GPS tracking platform allows all clients to create unlimited geofences & alerts.

    Read more here about how the geofencing feature can increase your company fleet's efficiency and add an additional layer of security to your vehicle GPS tracking systems.

  • I have multiple vehicles that require GPS tracking, can you offer a discount?
    Absolutely. Speak to us today on 0404 188 404 or email at to discuss your GPS tracking requirements.






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