The Benefits of Trailer GPS Tracking

Are you a tradie with a trailer full of tools worth thousands of dollars? Maybe you’re self employed and your lawnmowing/home maintenance trailer is your livelihood? What if you were to wake up one day to find your trailer has been stolen overnight?

Get peace of mind and extra security from our portable GPS tracking solutions, suitable for unpowered assets such as trailers, horse floats, caravans and vehicles in storage.

Our battery powered GPS trackers are available in two sizes and are ideal for external mounting, with IP55 water resistance and strong-built-in magnets. Let’s run through the benefits of adding one of our portable GPS tracking systems to your trailer in more detail:


With small profiles of only 69mm x 73.8mm x 26.5mm (5000mAh) and 69mm x 73.8mm x 35.5mm (10000mAh) and an all-black shell, our battery powered GPS trackers are suitable for discreet mounting on all types of trailers. 

With low power consumption, our portable GPS trackers can standby for up to 3/6 months, or track up to 40/80 hours of driving time.

When in motion, GPS location updates for your trailer will be sent every 30 seconds, providing detailed tracking history. And when no movement is detected for 5 minutes, sleep mode is enabled to ensure maximum battery life.

This is perfect for tradies who don’t want to constantly recharge their trailer GPS tracker every few nights. Use our feature packed online tracking platform to monitor your trailer’s tracking history as well as battery life. Our platform will also alert you when your tracker’s battery reaches 25%. Simply recharge the unit and mount the tracker back on your trailer!

Depending on your trailer’s wiring setup, another handy feature is the ability to power our portable GPS trackers via a micro USB cable when in use.


Trailers come in all different shapes and sizes, so having the flexibility to mount our portable GPS tracker in a variety of different locations is a great security advantage.
This also allows for your tracker to be mounted on other assets quickly, such as construction equipment or other vehicles if required.


A portable GPS tracking system for your trailer needs to be resilient to the elements, so we made sure our trackers are IP55 water and dust resistant. This means splashes of water, rain and dust will not affect your GPS tracker. A tightly sealed rubber cover also protects the tracker’s SIM slot and charging port.


A small, light-based sensor on the bottom of our magnetic trackers allows for alerts to be sent in the event your tracker is removed from the surface it’s mounted to after detecting a change in light for a few seconds. This alert can be a vital heads up in the event your GPS tracker is removed from your trailer without authorisation.


Like nearly all mainstream GPS tracking systems, BlackOwl’s portable trackers gather GPS location data from satellites and then transmit this data over cellular networks to our Online Tracking Platform. This clever use of technology dramatically reduces operating costs, as well as allowing for more affordable hardware. Dedicated GPS systems are simply out of reach for most consumers and businesses so this is a great alternative

But what about when one of GPS trackers travels outside of a network coverage area, you ask?


  • Thanks to all BlackOwl portable, hardwired and OBD2 trackers being fitted with internal flash memories, thousands of GPS location points can be stored offline and then uploaded to our tracking platform when network coverage resumes.

    In the image above, you can see one of our portable GPS trackers travelling through outback Australia. The green areas on the map indicate Telstra network coverage, but notice how there is still detailed tracking history outside these areas? That’s the internal memory feature working its magic!

    This handy feature allows for maximum GPS tracking coverage, whilst keeping tracking hardware purchase prices and operating costs to a minimum.


    In summary, BlackOwl GPS makes trailer GPS tracking easy! if you’re after an affordable, feature packed tracking solution for your work trailer, horse float or other unpowered asset then purchase one of our Portable Magnetic GPS Trackers today for between $150-$190 inc GST, or give us a call on 0404 188 404 to further discuss your individual tracking requirements. You can also email us at We endeavour to reply to all enquiries as soon as possible.

    If you’ve liked having a read about our portable trailer GPS tracking solutions, why not see how our tracking systems can be of benefit to your fleet of company vehicles?
    We have multiple hardware options, generous discounts and affordable operating costs to keep your cost down, while providing invaluable fleet data to your team.



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