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A Quick Summary of Fleet GPS Tracking: Hardware, Costs & Benefits

Partnering with BlackOwl GPS for your fleet tracking requirements is a smart move.
Our easy to use online tracking platform and mobile apps, paired with quality hardware and affordable operating costs is the ideal combination for monitoring your commercial fleet.

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Above: Our modern, easy to use GPS tracking software interface. Available through your web browser, Android and iOS.

Let’s run through some of the many benefits you’ll experience as one of our valued fleet tracking clients, as well as a summary of our GPS tracking hardware and operating costs:

Affordable GPS tracking, no matter your fleet size.

We get it. You want to monitor your company fleet 24/7, but you’re worried about how much it will cost - don’t be! We’ve designed an affordable tracking solution to suit all commercial operations, whether you have 5 or 5000 vehicles.

Your finance department will be over the moon when you tell them operating costs for tracking each vehicle in your fleet will be only $0.50/day! And we may be able to reduce this cost even further, dependent on your fleet size. Here’s a breakdown of our operating costs.

Now you know how affordable fleet GPS tracking really is, let’s move onto our quality tracking hardware which doesn’t cost the Earth:


Our GPS Vehicle Trackers

Our range of affordable GPS tracking hardware is competitively priced from only $199-$249 inc. GST, and further discounts may also be applied based on the volume of vehicles you want to monitor. Send us an email or give us a call now on
0404 188 404 to discuss your individual tracking requirements.

Choose from 3 different hardware options, allowing you to track almost any vehicle or asset:



Our most popular vehicle GPS tracker.
Suitable for most powered assets, this compact tracking system is designed with internal, high sensitivity antennas for mounting underneath trim such as vehicle dashboards.

Live tracking updates are sent to our online platform every 15 seconds when your fleet vehicles are moving, and periodic updates when stationary ensure your fleet is monitored 24/7.

Other useful features of our hardwired tracking system include:
- 170mAh backup battery in case of a power cut or the tracker being disconnected from its wiring harness
- Ignition detection. This allows alerts to be sent in the event one of your cars, trucks or other powered assets is switched on.
- Internal memory allows for location data to be stored whenever your fleet vehicles travel outside of a network coverage area. When coverage resumes, tracking data is uploaded to our platform.


OBD2 (Plug & Play)

Next, let’s take a look at our easy to use OBD2 GPS tracking system.
This tracker requires no installation and comes with a handy splitter cable, ideal for mounting the tracker out of sight and at the same time allowing service technicians to access your vehicle’s diagnostics port. This tracker is suitable for most late model cars and vans which support third party OBD2 devices.

Location updates are provided every 15 seconds when moving, and periodic updates when stationary. An internal battery reduces reliance on your vehicle battery when the ignition is switched off, and just like our Hardwired tracking system, ignition and tracker removal alerts are enabled.

Long Life (Battery Powered)

Last but certainly not least is our Long Life Battery Powered GPS tracker. Powered by off-the-shelf AA or AAA lithium batteries, you can be certain you’ve made the right choice for tracking your vehicles or unpowered assets such as trailers and work equipment.

Our battery powered fleet tracking devices can be mounted internally or externally thanks to IP68 water & dust resistance. This is ideal for quick and easy trailer protection, as well as vehicles which are being stored for long periods of time without power. 



Some benefits of Fleet GPS Tracking you may not be aware of:

Knowing the location of all your company vehicles isn’t the only purpose of GPS tracking. Let’s discuss a few other key benefits which are sometimes overlooked:
  • Keep your customers informed of delays and ETAs using integrated Google Maps Live Traffic data.
  • Know when vehicles in your fleet enter or exit a specified area, using the Geofencing feature. Geofencing is one of our most popular tools for fleets that allows you to create unlimited virtual perimeters anywhere in Australia. A great example is a scheduled Geofence Alert which is designed to notify you at the end of each day when each of your fleet vehicles return to base.
  • Our feature packed fleet monitoring software for desktops as well as Android and iOS devices allows you to set customised service reminders for any type of vehicle. These reminders can be sent based on distance travelled or days passed, ideal for vehicles without odometers such as caravans and trailers.
  • Companies that implement fleet tracking systems generally see improved driver behaviour, reductions in speeding and increased efficiency.
  • Customised tracking reports provide a quick overview of your entire fleet’s drives, stops and other useful information such as total distance travelled, speed, geofence and ignition data.
  • 12 months of detailed GPS tracking data for every vehicle in your fleet is stored on our secure, Australian based server.
  • Easy API integration allows your developers to implement your fleet’s GPS tracking data into third party systems or custom software for your business.
  • Local support from our team in Melbourne ensures speedy and knowledgeable service whenever you need it.

The benefits are clear, and they won’t break the bank. Monitoring your fleet with GPS tracking solutions from BlackOwl is an affordable step to better managing your company vehicles.

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Thanks for reading this article! If you’d like to continue reading about GPS tracking, why not check out our next post about fitting a GPS tracker to your everyday driver, or pride and joy.

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