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Motorcycle GPS Tracking

Theft alerts & recovery assistance

There are many benefits to using a motorcycle GPS tracking system. Perhaps the most obvious benefit is that it can help you keep track of your motorcycle if it is stolen. Motorcycles are one of the most popular targets for thieves, with thousands upon thousands stolen across Australia each year, so a good tracking system can be a lifesaver. If you don't have a car and rely on your motorcycle or scooter as your primary mode of transport to and from work, fitting a good quality GPS tracker is highly recommended.

Movement alerts with customised geofences

BlackOwl's geofencing feature allows you to set up virtual boundaries and receive alerts if your motorcycle enters or leaves that boundary. This is perfect for keeping an eye on your pride and joy when you're not nearby, such as at work or out with friends.

Geofences can be any size, any shape, and alerts can be customised and scheduled to notify of entry and/or exit.

Lower your insurance premiums

Another great benefit of motorcycle GPS tracking is the potential to reduce your insurance premium. Tracking systems greatly reduce an insurance company's exposure in the event of a theft. This means that you, the customer, are less likely to have to make a claim. And when claims are made, they're usually for much smaller amounts. This all adds up to potentially lower premiums for motorcycle owners who use GPS tracking systems.

We highly recommend giving your insurance company a call today to find out if you are eligible for a discount after fitting a GPS tracker to your motorbike or scooter!

Tracking history at a glance

But there's more than just theft recovery and insurance savings. Motorcycle GPS tracking can also help you keep track of where you've travelled using the History feature. BlackOwl GPS includes a full year of stored GPS tracking history so you can look back at anytime to check your movements on a particular day and time.

This can come in handy for a number of reasons.

Maybe you want to remember the scenic route you took on your motorcycle last weekend so you can share it with friends, or perhaps you're trying to retrace your steps after an accident. Whatever the reason, being able to look back at your motorcycle's travels is a great way to make the most of your GPS tracking system.

Big value, small tracker

BlackOwl Hardwired Motorcycle GPS Tracker

Most modern GPS tracking systems are very discreet, making them ideal for motorcycle tracking. BlackOwl's Hardwired GPS tracker measures only 79mm x 43mm x 12mm. An IP54 rated case also helps to reduce water and dust ingress, making this an ideal choice for many motorbikes and other vehicles such as cars, vans, trucks and even construction equipment such as forklifts and earthmovers.

Live GPS tracking with Telstra CAT M1

All BlackOwl Hardwired GPS trackers transmit tracking data using Telstra's CAT M1 network which ensures more coverage in more areas, especially in rural Australia. CAT M1 reaches further than traditional 4G signals, but what happens if you ride your motorcycle outside a coverage area? In this scenario, our Hardwired tracking system will switch to using its large internal memory to store 400,000+ location points. When network coverage resumes, this data will be automatically sent to our secure, Melbourne based server.


Other features that make BlackOwl's motorcycle GPS tracker an ideal choice include:

High quality European hardware, manufactured by Teltonika

Affordable hardware and operating costs

Automatic tracking report generation

Unlimited geofences and alerts

Modern, easy to use GPS tracking platform. Can be accessed via mobile, tablet, desktop and even some smart TVs (via web browser)

Encrypted Melbourne based server, operating from a secure IS27001 facility


Want to learn more about our motorcycle GPS trackers and how they can benefit you? Check out our Hardwired GPS tracker for motorcycles here, otherwise get in touch with BlackOwl today on 0404 188 404, via the live chat in the corner of your screen, or email us at

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