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Getting Back to Hiring After Coronavirus Restrictions

Motorhome Parked (credit: picman2, Pixabay)
Prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, a number of our clients hired out their motorhomes and caravans for additional income, some even relied on this as their sole income source.

Federal and state governments implemented restrictions to stop the spread of the coronavirus, and although proven effective in stopping the spread, these restrictions brought nearly all local and interstate travel to a halt. Two months on, thanks to Australians doing the right thing we are now another a step closer to life returning to normal, albeit with a few changes.

If you are looking at hiring out your motorhome, campervan or caravan for some extra income, consider investing in a GPS tracking system for additional peace of mind. Here are some benefits of having your campervan or caravan fitted with a tracker:

  • Additional security for your vehicle in the event of a theft, whether out on hire or parked at your property/storage yard

  • Know the location of your vehicle whenever hired out (you must always follow local surveillance laws and advise hirers your vehicle is fitted with a GPS tracking system - see our Legislation page for more information).

  • Set geofence alerts and be notified if your vehicle is taken interstate or outside a specified zone

  • Set overspeed alerts. A good example for this feature is caravan hire, where certain caravans/trailers are rated up to 100km/h but the towing vehicle is travelling at 110km/h.

  • Set automatic service reminders (great for caravans!)
  • You may be eligible for a discount on your insurance (speak to your insurer first as this varies)

For only $0.50/day, the cost of operating a GPS tracking system in your motorhome or caravan is extremely affordable when you consider all the benefits. BlackOwl recommends fitting hire vehicles with our easy to install hardwired tracking system: BUY HERE

Our hardwired GPS tracker transmits location data using the Telstra network, and with internal antennas can be mounted out of sight in any caravan or motorhome. A simple 2 wire setup saves money and time (additional wiring is included but optional). For motorhomes, a popular mounting are is underneath the dashboard and for caravans, the battery compartment or mounted behind an internal panel (we recommend using a licensed autoelectrician to fit your GPS tracking system).

If you have any questions about our tracking systems or would like to further discuss your requirements, please get in touch on 0404 188 404 or email us at

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