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What Are The Advantages of GPS Tracking for Cars?

For private vehicles, adding a tracking system significantly increases your chances of recovery in the event of a theft. Nowadays, most GPS trackers on the market are fitted with high sensitivity internal antennas which allow for discreet, out of sight mounting underneath your car's dashboard or trim.

Of course, preventative measures such as ensuring your car is locked overnight and keys being stored out of sight will reduce chances of a theft occurring in the first place, but if a vehicle is stolen it's much better to have a GPS tracking system fitted than not.

A car GPS tracker can alert you if the ignition is switched on or if the tracker is disconnected from it's power source, and can also notify you if the vehicle is driven outside a designated area (this is called Geofencing). These layers of alerts increase the chances of an early recovery.

Depending on the type of GPS tracker installed in your car, an optional remote shutdown feature can bring the vehicle to a stop, leaving the thief no choice but to abandon the vehicle.

Lower Insurance Premiums

GPS trackers fitted to personal vehicles also have the potential to lower insurance premiums. After purchasing a tracking system, we highly recommend contacting your insurance company to see if a discount can be applied!
Although it's a slow uptake, we hope to see more mainstream insurance companies jump on board with reductions for customers who fit a real time GPS tracking system to their personal cars.

Learn Your Driving Habits, Save Fuel, Save Money

Petrol prices are soaring and unfortunately walking and public transport aren't always viable options. This is where a car GPS tracker can help to reduce the amount you spend on fuel. Our new range of Teltonika Hardwired and OBD2 car GPS tracking systems use a built-in accelerometer to measure your driving behaviour, such as harsh acceleration, braking and cornering.

BlackOwl can also increase the reliability of your GPS tracker's alerts by adjusting parameters specific to your car such as its weight and power output. This allows for more accurate driving behaviour alerts and reduces false positives.

Types of car GPS tracking systems

There are 3 common types of car GPS trackers available on the market.
The first is a Hardwired tracking system. This system is normally installed by an autoelectrician and runs off your vehicle's battery power. Hardwired trackers are suitable for all types of vehicles such as cars, vans, trucks, motorbikes, boats and construction equipment. They can be mounted completely out of sight and can provide accurate GPS tracking information even when mounted underneath your car's dashboard. There are no external antennas and a built-in backup battery ensures the tracker will continue to operate for a short period of time in the event it is disconnected from the car's power supply.
BlackOwl Teltonika Hardwired Car GPS Tracker
Our BlackOwl Teltonika Hardwired Car GPS Tracker, measuring only 65mm x 56.6mm x 20.6mm

Next up, we have OBD2 car GPS trackers, commonly referred to as plug & play tracking systems. These trackers require no professional installation and simply plug into your car's diagnostics (OBD2) port. Although not quite as discreet as a Hardwired GPS system, these are a popular choice for people who want a quick and easy tracking solution, especially for fleet tracking where units can be quickly swapped between vehicles. OBD2 GPS trackers are suitable for most cars manufactured 2000 onwards, however if you purchase a BlackOwl Teltonika OBD2 tracker we will include a hardwired adapter free of charge, allowing you to hardwire the unit if OBD2 installation is unsuitable.
BlackOwl Teltonika OBD2 Car GPS Tracker
The no fuss BlackOwl Teltonika OBD2 Car GPS Tracker requires no professional installation - just plug in and track!

The third car tracking option is a portable car GPS tracker, with a built-in rechargeable battery. Most portable car trackers are weather resistant and come with built-in magnets allowing for external mounting. Portable GPS trackers are ideal for people who want a quick and easy tracking solution for vehicles that are not driven as frequently, or for tracking unpowered assets such as trailers.

BlackOwl Portable Magnetic GPS trackers are:
- available in two sizes (5000mAh & 10000mAh)
- rechargeable
- suitable for external use (IP55 water & dust resistant)
- fitted with built-in magnets
- discreet, measuring only 69mm x 73.8mm x 26.5mm (5000mAh) and 69mm x 73.8mm x 35.5mm (10000mAh)

To maximise battery life, our portable car GPS tracking systems provide updates every 30 seconds when movement is detected and will activate deep sleep when no motion is detected for 5 minutes. Battery life can also be monitored on our Online Tracking Platform.

Above, our Portable Car GPS tracking systems available in two compact sizes. Perfect for trailers and all types of vehicles.

What are the costs associated with a car GPS tracker?

A modern car GPS tracking system is very affordable to operate for both private and commercial clients. Although operating costs vary from company to company, here at BlackOwl we don't want you to pay anymore than you have to for a quality GPS tracking service. Don't pay $25 per month, even $20 per month is too expensive in our eyes. Our operating costs are very reasonably priced at only $0.50/day for each vehicle you want to track. This works out to be only $15 per month, and is an all inclusive price for 24/7 tracking, platform access and all alerts (even via SMS and email!).

We like to be fully transparent about our car GPS tracker operating costs. Be wary of companies who claim their trackers have no operating costs - you're still paying to keep a pre-paid SIM card topped up with credit.  Read more about why we charge for our car tracking service here: BlackOwl GPS Tracker Operating Costs

How do I find out more about car GPS tracking?

We'd love to chat more about your car GPS tracking requirements.
Whether you have one private car or a company fleet of 1000 trucks across the country, we can definitely help. Give us a call now on 0404 188 404 or send an email to and let's get you tracking!


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