4G OBDII/Fleet Tracking

Our newest V50 OBDII vehicle GPS trackers are compatible with both 3G and 4G networks, future-proofing your tracking requirements for years to come. By plugging straight into your vehicle's OBDII port, the need for professional installation is also eliminated.

BlackOwl V50 4G Vehicle GPS Tracker
Our V50 GPS trackers are suitable for all late model vehicles with an OBDII port (please contact your vehicle manufacturer if unsure)

BlackOwl V50 Features:

BlackOwl 4G Trackers - No Installation Required
Simply plug our V50 tracker into your vehicle's diagnostics port and you're ready to go. Suitable for all late model vehicles with an OBDII port (check with your manufacturer if you are unsure).

BlackOwl 4G Trackers - 4G network ready
The BlackOwl V50 is ahead of the pack with support for Telstra's 3G and 4G networks, helping to future-proof your tracking requirements for years to come.

BlackOwl 4G Trackers - $10 per month, per unit
One simple monthly pricing structure. No contracts. Whether you're a private or commercial buyer, BlackOwl's affordable ongoing costs help ensure vehicle GPS tracking isn't out of reach any longer.

BlackOwl 4G Trackers - Web, Android & iOS Tracking
Track vehicles in real time via our easy to use web platform, Android and iOS mobile apps for peace of mind wherever you are.

BlackOwl 4G Trackers - Unlimited geofence alerts
Set geofences and be alerted as soon as selected vehicles enter or leave the area. Geofences can be activated between specific hours if required and unlike some other companies, we offer unlimited geofences without asking for more money.

BlackOwl 4G Trackers - Custom Routes & Live Traffic
Set custom routes through our web platform and view in real time if drivers divert from their course. Our web platform incorporates Google Maps and allows for Live Traffic to be overlayed with vehicle locations, helping you to manage your fleet more efficiently.